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photos by Thomas Synnamon via DNA Magazine


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Daniel Rumfelt is photographed by Thomas Synnamon for DNA Magazine #136.  This is the second layout in a row for DNA that is tamer sexually but still shows quite a bit of skin.

The frat/bad boy attitude in Daniel’s face gives him just enough of an edge to pull off of the rocker look in the first 3 shots.  His boyish qualities really stand out though when the hoodie is in the picture.  You would almost swear twins did this shoot instead of one guy.


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Daniel Rumfelt Hot DNA Mag2

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According to Rumfelt’s profile on Bodybuilding.com, this 22/23 year old from the Midwest is an award-winning football player and as you can imagine pretty competitive.

  • 1st Team All State Linebacker
  • 1st Team All State Defensive Back
  • Top 11 Defense 3A
  • State Champion Powerlifting 3A
  • Hold 7 School Records
  • 12-0 Record
  • Ranked No.1 Nationally /NJCAA
  • National Champions


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Daniel Rumfelt Hot DNA Mag8

Daniel Rumfelt Hot DNA Mag11


I love competition. I love winning. I love looking great! The feeling of a great lift session and having an awesome “pump” is one of the most amazing feelings, and im definitely addicted to it.


Daniel Rumfelt Hot DNA Mag5

Daniel Rumfelt Hot DNA Mag6

Daniel Rumfelt Hot DNA Mag7


daniel_rumfelt You can see candid photos of Daniel Rumfelt as he developed his incredible physique at BodyBuilder.com

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