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Patrick Set B 05b

Patrick Set B 02


Even great photographers get hauled into jury duty, lol.  Dylan Rosser has been stuck in a courtroom for 3 weeks but he’s back with another incredible male model – Patrick O’Brien.  This dark-haired figure is from London and is no stranger to the lens.  He has an extensive list of fitness and nude-themed campaigns.

On a side note, Dylan will be in Chicago in October and is still looking for nude subjects to shoot there.  If you are interested in modeling for Dylan or know of a model who would be, be sure and apply at The Male Form


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The latest update to Dylan Rosser’s THE MALE FORM.NET include work from Dylan plus guest images such as New York photographer Thomas Synnamon with model Dionisio.  Dionisio (aka D.O.) is one of a few male models to actually become a respected and recognizable face in both the fashion and porn industry.  The sultry twist and hand placement in Dionisio’s torso on the 3rd shot is a big reason why I’m a fan of Synnamon’s work.


DR JW003

DR JW015



The second update to THE MALE FORM.NET comes from UK photographer, Simon Barnes. You might already know his work under the name of HOTSNAPZ.  Barnes showcases 24 year old fitness trainer, Joe from the South West UK.  The detail in Joe’s body hair is what really turns up the masculinity.  Joe’s pout in the second shot is a sexy touch.


Jason Set B 08

Jason Set B 16



Dylan’s own new work includes this model Jason.  Of course, Rosser’s impeccable touches of light bring his muscular frame to life.


See even more of Jason, Joe and Dionisio


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