AUSTIN WORKSHOP: Male Models in the Jockstrap Era


FROM MEETUP / Photographing the Male Model:

The Locker Room: Male Models in the Jockstrap Era

A 25 year old, collegiate soccer player is booked for this photoshoot.  The theme of this shoot recalls old style gym days, athletes and the locker room.  In art, especially Greek Vase painting, this theme can show pathos (defeat) or victory.  It can depict initiation and eros as well as the formality of the young male athlete.  Get out your Jansons and Physique Pictorials for inspiration.

Saturday March 3, 1PM

Price $150/per person

You must be a member of this Meetup group to attend.   Workshops are a casual, professional learning experience for all photographers regardless of experience.

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[in the photo: Tarek from an upcoming MoA magazine layout]

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